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Kvatchii is developing a truly patient-focused deep health digital platform from ground-up in India; a country with wide disparities in wealth and a healthcare system that is fragmented across a multitude of private providers. Over 57% of all healthcare expenditure in India is out-of-pocket.

The Kvatchii platform enables deep partnership with each individual by providing always-on analytics that deliver precise health advice to the individual. This is driven by our novel knowledgebase that is continuously updated by international experts in the field. The Kvatchii platform empowers the individual to generate data on response, non-response and side-effects, thus enabling every individual to be a potential clinical trial participant.

Reverse Innovation

Kvatchii has adopted a model of "reverse innovation" of first deploying in the developing world, before expanding to the developed world. This is because social and economic inequality and lack of access to education prevent innovations that are first adopted in developed countries from diffusing to developing countries.

Similar barriers prevent advances in developed countries from benefiting the deprived and disadvantaged within those countries. This is particularly true for common diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancers and diabetes, which are responsible for 63% of all deaths worldwide (WHO, 2016).

Our plan of reverse innovation will allow novel solutions in precision medicine (that are developed with affordability at scale in mind) to trickle back to developed countries.


Market Opportunity

Kvatchii is targeting India because the healthcare market is worth £160 billion and 57% of all healthcare expenditure is out-of-pocket; the healthcare system is fragmented with no unified health record; and there are 984 million mobile phone subscribers of whom 364 million are smartphone users. India has 146 million individuals with hypertension and 63 million with diabetes.

The current state of the art in India is dominated by "provider centric" digital health care platforms that are used by hospitals, insurers, labs, and private primary care doctors. These platforms are focused on increasing efficiency of operations and recruitment of patients for specific healthcare providers, and include applications such as appointment booking systems, and online, in-clinic and on demand advice. There is currently no true patient-focused platform like Kvatchii's that empowers individuals to access patient records as a free service while providing advice to manage health and common diseases.


Kvatchii - founding team


Sandosh Padmanabhan

International research leader in hypertension and precision medicine. Co-founder of Kvatchii and developed the vision for the digital health platform and the analytics for the hypertension exemplar. Relevant experience: Extensive clinical experience in hypertension and large scale analytics focusing on genomics and metabolomics and big data studies in health.



Consultant Diabetologist and co-founder. Chris has extensive experience in big data analysis in diabetes and predictive medicine. His current focus is on developing time-series analyses of medical datasets.



Shyam has training in artificial intelligence, medical informatics and neurology and is a co-founder. He has extensive experience in applying artificial intelligence and machine learning for computerized medical applications and for biomedical data analyses.